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Fishing For Women

Thursday by indra

Fishing For Women - Conquer The Escape Argument From The Men

For many men to go on a fishing trip is an attractive offer, not only for the fishing but for escaping from the duties and requests of their family. Fishing should be available for women, too, as women need relaxation in nature and solitude as much as men do.

Fishing for recreation is an efficient way of getting rid of stress. When you are fishing you are absorbed in the activity and at the same time have relaxed time for reflection on what ever matters for you.

Fishing is often linked to fishing trips, organized fishing trips of different levels of sophistication or just your own fishing trips. Fishing gives the option for solitude as well as for social time, as many are sharing your interest of fishing. Obviously many men join to go fishing and so should women do.

It is easy to be fishing with a friend and to enjoy the company and at the same time get the relaxed atmosphere that is so attractive by some kinds of fishing. It doesn’t matter that much how successful as an angler you will be, because in the hobby of fishing it is the activity and the nature experience much more than the actual catch that gives the quality of fishing.

Fishing shouldn’t only be a men’s sport and stimulation. Fishing is so many different kinds of activity that some sort of fishing should be attractive to most women.

Fly fishery in lakes and streams is a good example of a type of fishing that attracts many women. Fly fishery is an elegant sport that will appeal to many potential women anglers, also because it isn’t easy. The fishing rod is a special light weight type and the fishing technique is a beauty in performance. Did you know that fishing could be so elegant?

To me the need for a more equal share of ‘escape time’ for fishing away from home between women and men should be emphasized in many families. Try to propose a fishing trip for your girl friends next time you are planning something for yourself.

As a family activity fishing is also a superb activity. Kids and their parents can enjoy time together in nature when fishing, and the challenge of fishing is stimulating for most children.

For children their feeling of success with fishing will be very much depending on the fish they are actually able to land on a fishing trip. Children aren’t as patient as grown ups on fishing trips and that will give some extra challenges on a fishing trip of the whole family.

When children become interested in fishing they will also be motivated for leaning a lot of ecology, nature conservation and sustainable development, all important areas of knowledge that will enhance their schooling and joy of life.

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