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Cruise Ship

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Cruises: The Newest Trend in Holidays and Breaks by Andrew Redfern

When thinking of planning holiday breaks or school summer holidays, parents are often searching for something that would be great for the entire family. The top family destinations such as The Grand Canyon or Disney World may come to mind immediately but when thinking outside of the box, cruising becomes a very desirable vacation! Most parents wouldn't think of cruises as a prime location because in the past, cruises have been mainly themed for adults or for college kids during their spring break. However, there are more and more family cruises becoming available as they become a huge trend for holiday breaks.

One of the biggest differences in family cruises is that there is always something planned for the family, or children to do that the family has the option of participating in. This allows the family to spend time together but not get bored with no activities planned. Even when you are not actively participating, family cruises have many things to offer. They almost always have a pool that is filled with kid-toys and is very kid-friendly. They also have many other activities including a game room, an arcade room, a media room, and other activities for the kids.

All of the activity onboard the cruise will also allow parents the time to enjoy each other and the cruise without their children. The activities are always supervised and parents will be able to roam around the ship, play a hand at cards in one of the casinos, or enjoy a romantic date night in one of the wonderful restaurants onboard! Meet back up with the rest of the family to enjoy a wonderful game of bowling or skating!

If you are thinking about taking a cruise for your school summer holidays, there are many to choose from but you must know what to look for when you are comparing cruise companies. Be sure to ask if it is a family cruise. The last thing you want on your family vacation is ending up on the same cruise as rowdy college kids away on their Spring Break! Ask what type of activities they have planned for the children, and for the adults, while staying on the ship. They should be able to name four activities each for both children and adults to ensure that your child, and yourselves will get bored while on the cruise.

Also ask how many activities will be planned on-shore. Most often cruise ships won't remain on the open sea the entire time that they are away for. Cruising into ports and touring different cities can add a lot to the quality of trip you end up with. It can also be a great learning opportunity for everybody. How many stops you will want to make depends on the length of your trip so keep this in mind when booking your holiday breaks.

Also ask if the travel agency offers any package deals. Often groups such as families will qualify for a group discount, or a family discount. If the agency doesn't provide any, find another agency that will. Not only are family packages very convenient but they are often an all-inclusive deal. This means that you pay the money before you go and then you're not left worrying about change while aboard the cruise!

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This Article is all about the vacation carried through Cruise, where you are having all the liberty of your life... so why waiting for... enjoy vacation... enjoy with the new trend of vacation through Cruise. As Pontins is known for the packages on summer holidays Pontin's also provide family fun at relaxed pace for your holiday breaks.

How to Work on Cruise Lines & get Cruise ship Jobs by Gabe Killian

If you've ever thought about getting a cruise ship job or have even played around with the idea, this article could help you on your way to working on cruise ships. Cruises are one of the most sought out ways for people around the world to break free from the nine to five and experience life through travel and entertainment. Cruises provide rest and relaxation for thousands of people world wide every years. These cruise ships have a number of areas that demand staff, this is where the cruise ship job comes in.

If you've ever considered working on cruise lines, these steps may help you get there.

1. Cruise lines have a demand for those working in the food and service industry. If you have these talents then you are one step ahead. If you don't, you may want to consider getting some practice in before attempting to apply for a cruise ship job.

2. It helps to know someone in the cruise line business, however, this is not an option for many. Nevertheless, information is your greatest tool. It is advisable that you spend some time in forums online and research cruise ship jobs before haphazardly applying. The more you know the better off you are.

3. Dress (and act) to impress. When applying for a cruise line job, act the part. You want to portray someone that can provide you with a warm welcoming and helpful service. You must look clean and well kept. Remember, you are there to provide someone with a luxury that they paid highly for. Your employer knows this as well.

4. There are many agencies that help you get in to cruise ship jobs and can help you gain employment. They often do not cost very much and can be very worth while. It is suggested that you take part in atleast one of these programs if you are serious about working on cruise ships.

5. Be consistent, persistent, on-time and aggressive when seeking employment. This is a healthy tip for any job, but if you want to work on cruise lines then act like you want it, and want it bad.

6. Laziness, apathy, poor attitude and inability to cooperate with a team will most surely keep you from employment. Make the decision to be self-motivated, positive and have a good outlook on life. Be the kind of person you would want to hire.

Getting a cruise ship job can be very rewarding and adventurous experience. If you act the part and in turn be the part you can increase your chances of becoming a proud employee of a cruise line of your choice.

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