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Adsense on your website

Thursday by indra

Implementing Adsense on your website

Adsense is vital part of Google marketing. This allows webmasters to put content relevant advertisements on their websites. If a visitor clicks one of the adsense ads served to the website, the owner is credited for referral. There are certain guidelines that should be followed white creating adsense on a webpage.

Through adsense you can place ad blocks on your webpage. Threre are different opinions about where these adblocks should be placed. Well, the correct placement is to make them blend with the rest of website so that visitors can could find it as useful as content. Mixing these ad blocks with the content should create a natural flow throughout the page. It requires a proper positioning with great care. Generally three ad blocs can be created on web page. The basic aim is to get the visitors click, so position the ads accordingly. The question that arises is where the user clicks. Well it's said that the most user clicks on the top left of the page.

You can add borders, colors and links etc to ads to make it pop out on the page, the main consideration is what your visitors are searching for when they come to your site. When visitors are looking for some information or solution to a problem, they would go through the content and click on the link assisting in providing them the information. If they visit site for product shopping then its better to have your ads stand out. So when you are building your web pages, you should always keep the visitors in mind.

It's generally believed that horizontal ads receive more clicks than the vertical ads. As person is used to read horizontally, so they are more likely to get attracted in this layout. So large rectangular ads that read more horizontally have been proved to get more clicks. Ads which are placed above the page footer, below the navigation at the top of the page and on the top left hand side of the page generally get the great click through than the others. The place which is near the middle and above the main content is also considered as good to put your ad blocks.

In case you have created three ad blocs on your page and you want to create more without breaking any adsense rule, you can add Google link units in this case. They are great way to place ads that look like as if they are natural part of site navigation menu but when they are clicked on they take you to a page or targeted ads that are related to your website topic. So you need a lot of thinking while designing the layout of your webpage. Look at other sites and see where they have placed the ads. You can get some ides surfing other sites.

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