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Thursday by indra

Choose The Best Time for Your Activity

Our biologist time moves every time, when we work, sleep, exercise and others. This natural clock arranges many our natural functions called circadian rhythms. This wonderful clock arranges more than 100 biologist processes, from hormone level until blood pressure in 24 hours cycles. Arrange your biologist clock Steve Mardon, a circadian rhythms expert from Cambridge says that because of circadian rhythms is go down and up naturally along the day, it is important to do certain activity in the certain time. Sport The ideal time is in the morning. Exercise in the morning will arise your spirit, arranges the eat desire along the day, increases the metabolism or keeps it high in hours. So, you can burn more calories a long the day according to Greg Landry, a sport physiologist. Drink vitamin The ideal time is in the morning when breakfast after doing morning sport. That time the blood current is really swift according to Lisa Dorman, M. S., R.D., a sport nutritionist from Miami. Try to get at least 5 g fat in your breakfast that will help the body absorbs the vitamin that dissolve in fat. Count the heart beat when taking a rest The ideal time is when wake up in the morning. In the middle of the morning, when you do activity, the heart will beat more hard, especially if you drink caffeine. Almost all the athletes know that count the heart beat when taking a rest can help to know about your fitness progress. The average heart beat per minute is 60 - 70. Go to the dentist The ideal time is in the afternoon. The research shows that the illness at the teeth will reach the weak level in the afternoon. Go to your dentist in the afternoon to reduce the pain when your teeth are drilled. To break the world record The ideal time is in the afternoon. The athlete that take action in the afternoon will has better work because the ability to hold the pain will reach the peak in this time. The strength, temperature and the body elasticity will increase at this time. To use your brain The ideal time is in the morning and afternoon. The human brain is sharper in the morning and early night. Within 13.00 - 16.00, almost all people experience post lunch dip, a period which the wary level and concentration decreases, maybe you in sleep when work. More article can be found at Take a look at the website to knowing further the health informations. The health article is wrote with the simple to understand method along with the tips for solution.

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